Warning about COMCAST boxes!

Discussion in 'Southwest Center City' started by cccomp, Jul 21, 2017.

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    If any of you got a doorknob tag from Comcast today, as I did on the 1900 block of Bainbridge, BE SURE to call the 800 number listed and tell them you DO NOT want that goddamn foot wide foot high 10” deep grey plastic box screwed onto the front of your house at eye level. We were warned a while ago by SONA that we’d have to opt out - now it’s coming. Tell your Neighbors too. There is no need at all for the box - it is for Comcast’s future convenience only.
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    More ugly utility boxes- the city needs to put some rules around these. They are such an eyesore between the PECO, PGW, and now Comcast boxes ruining the facades of houses all throughout the city. These all used to be nicely hidden away in basements.

    These should be required to be covered by an aesthetically-pleasing enclosure. They're ruining the look of our city.
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    I don't understand why my 100+ year old house has indoor water, gas, and electric meters but new construction has them outside. They are all read electronically anyway. It's appallingly ugly.
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    Because when they need to change the batteries, or more rarely the whole meter, it is an incredible PITA for the utility to get access to all of those spaces. It took 2-3 years for PECO to change the electric meters.. and all the time where they are just knocking on doors, making calls, waiting for customers to move shit, dealing with pets, etc., is money out the door (which ultimately comes from us).

    Not arguing that's a worthy (or not) justification, but that's the reason. The phone NID has always been outside, I think, but they aren't as large. I'm not even sure why those Comcast boxes are so big.. the cover was off my neighbor's yesterday, and there's just a single connection in there.
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    I'd reckon it's for potential future add-ons as Comcast is getting into home automation, camera systems, etc.

    But those boxes are ridiculous. 1/2 the time the cover connections break leaving them wide open.

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