Thoughts on Installing Exhaust Fan in Bathroom Skylight?

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    I have an early-20's rowhome in Germantown. The bathroom is in the middle of the second floor, with no windows or access to outside walls. Ventilation is achieved through a skylight, set atop a five-foot shaft between ceiling and roof, topped with a door opened by pulling a chain.

    Ventilation is, to put it kindly, extremely limited. During this recent heat wave, I placed a thermometer in the bathroom and saw readings into the 90s during the evening (which is, unfortunately, bath time for my irritable preschooler). It has been quite unpleasant to bathe, brush teeth, or be in the bathroom during the recent heat.

    Has anyone found a ventilation solution for interior bathrooms, with or without skylights? Would it be possible (and affordable) to install a motorized ventilation/exhaust fan in or near the skylight? Would such a fan have any impact on the temperature?

    The skylight looks similar to the photo below. The chain opens a metal door, which provides very limited ventilation and nearly no temperature modulation.
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    Not much is my guess. I am guessing that space is not insulated... I have an uninsulated/unvented roof and have similar issues during the heat waves. You're fighting against the heat load of the whole structure (likely brick) and the warm air in the attic. My experience is that fans are just moving hot/humid air around at that point, but that's just one house and one guy on the internet so YMMV.
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    I don't hate the idea actually. Whole house fans are becoming more popular (which blow into the attic and not directly outside like your application). You can't quite do that here but replacing one of the panes in the skylight with an exhaust fan might actually be somewhat effective. You could price it out and then determine if it's worth your while.

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