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Discussion in 'Center City' started by Phillyurban8, Sep 23, 2015.

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    If City Winery catered to younger patrons, it would need to compete directly with at least 2, hugely popular, relatively nearby large venues - Union Transfer and The Fillmore. Particularly, if their principal strategy will be to attract non-Mall patrons. Now if their plan is for a reincarnated Lawrence Welk venue - that'd be interesting. The referenced Boston venue above, seems to support the older customer orientation. So for the Opening, they send a stretch to get Patti Labelle from Wynnewood to toot a few oldies and get things started. :D:D
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    The newer facades are looking better than the Burlington one but I really wish the architecture above had been considered. The whole appearance is very "Chestnut Street 1970s" where all of the upper floor facades were mostly ignored while the ground floor facades were made new. The Hale Building was a good case in point when the Valu-Plus facade was added with no relation to the Victorian one above. Note how the tile solution is very similar to what's being used to "update" the Gallery:

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    It's a fair comparison. Unfortunately at the Gallery they are covering up dated 70's exteriors with....dated 60s exterior tiling.
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