Spray foam insulation for crawl space

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    Any recommendations for someone who would spray the interior of a very small crawl space under a back mud room/laundry (with a second story over it)? It would be an easy job except for the fact that access is essentially non existant and someone would probably have to create an outside access "window" where one was sealed up when I had an invasion of carpenter bees several years ago.

    Also, is it true that crawl spaces like this need ventilation in the form of 2 accesses so that cross ventilation can occur? The only other access right now is directly into the basement, in the form of a very, very small screened area, thru which one can shine a flashlight and just barely see into the crawl space, and thru which the freezing air that is trapped there during the winter comes seeping into the basement.
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    I don't know about a crawl space, but Red Lion Insulation climbed into my attic that is about 2 feet tall and sprayed
    in recycled paper to fill it up with insulation for about $800 years ago. The stuff gives me an R-30 roof.
    Red Lion Insulation they are somewhere in Jersey.
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    We had USA Insulation come and spray the front and back of the house through the exterior brick. We had the space between the walls that they could spray the insulation in and then cover the small holes with mortar and now you can't even tell where they did it. The installers were great, the sales guys, were ok, just some back and forth getting the info from them. They also did blown in insulation in our crawl space in the ceiling due to the very little that was up there (thanks Korman!) Not necessarily a cheap endeavor but we needed to do something to our house.


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