Seeking A Family to Join Our Nanny Share

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    We live in the Fairmount area of Philadelphia and we are hoping to have a family join our Nanny Share. We will have a Nanny to provide childcare in our home from (8 am-5 pm). There is some flexibility with the time if a family joining the nanny share needs slightly different hours. We have a two year old son and we think it would be ideal to have a family join that has a child around his same age or older. The cost for each family will be $200 per week.

    A little about our family: My husband and I value a stimulating and educational environment and encourage our child to use his imagination and learn through play. We also believe in the importance of healthy eating, physical activity, and outdoor play. Our son is an energetic, happy, and loving boy who loves to play with other children. We do not believe in the use of television or video games for him at his age because we want encourage use of exploration and imagination.

    If you feel that you child would benefit from being a part of a Nanny Share such as ours, please contact me.

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