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    I'm an out of towner who is planning this years long-form bike ride on a weekday in a couple of weeks. I'm planning to ride from Valley Forge to Philadelphia on the Schuylkill River trail, which Google maps says will be about a two and a half hour ride. As that is about as much as I want to ride, I was planning to take the regional rail back to Norristown. I'm wondering about the logistics of getting a bicycle onto regional rail.

    I'm assuming that it's easier to get a bike downstairs to Suburban Station than up to track level at 30th Street. Any comments? Are there ticket machines at track level, or do I have to buy a ticket first? Any comments about bike stowage aboard?

    Also any comments about the Schuylkill River trail would be appreciated. Is it paved? Well maintained? Signed?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Parts of the trail I've seen are paved; in fact they just laid fresh asphalt last week on the section near Spring Mill.

    As to rail station access, both have elevator access to the platforms. Note the bike hours restrictions for regional rail below:

    On Regional Rail
    Two bicycles are permitted on each car in passenger service. Bicycles must be stored in areas designated as priority seating for persons with disabilities, which includes individuals with wheelchairs and senior citizens. When alighting, please wait until other passengers have exited the train.

    If a designated area is occupied by a priority seating passenger - or if a priority seating passenger boards after a bicycle is already onboard - then bicyclists will be directed to an unoccupied designated area or asked to leave the train and accept a "continuation of trip" voucher to finish the trip on another vehicle.

    Bicycles are allowed:

    On weekday trains except: morning inbound trains arriving at any Center City station** between 6:00 a.m. and 9:30 a.m.; and, afternoon outbound trains departing from any Center City station** between 4:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.

    On all trains on Saturday, Sunday, and major holidays*.

    In the event of an emergency evacuation, bicycles left on trains may be claimed at Suburban Station.
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    Trail is not paved along the Manayunk canal, approximately from Shawmont Ave. to Lock St. It's a fine gravel and in my limited experience a road bike is still doable with caution, ymmv. Some small sections in this stretch are paved, and some is boardwalk. And there is an on-road portion (via Main St.) from Lock St. to Kelly Dr.

    To avoid you can go up Shawmont to Umbria Ave. (several climbs this way), connecting to Main St. and meeting up with the above on-road portion. Or as a bit of a detour when you get to the end of Umbria you can get to the Manayunk bridge, connect up to the Cynwyd Trail on the other side and go a bit up that, through the Cemetery and down to the Pencoyd Bridge which will hook back up with Main St. near Kelly Drive.

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