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    6abc.com says, the Mayors office is seeking suggestions, on what to do with the Rizzo Statue, obvious location will be Marconi Plaza. Do you want all the future protesters, in your neighborhood, over and over, stopping by, to deface, on a constant basis. I know, you would all be welcoming. Don't fall for it ! The Mayor, and members of City Council...opened Pandoras Box ! It is their problem. Even if they lock it away, in a dark basement. They have to live with that, or the repercussions, of that. They have no clue, what to do. The Rizzo family, should do nothing, no museam, nothing. Oppose Marconi Plaza, site. Let the Mayor, and Council, do the placing. Sit back, watch the Show, until Re-Election. Then claim a return, in the future.
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