Protected bike lane opens on Chestnut St, 45th St to 34th Street!

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    Finally, Philadelphia's first protected bike lane (I don't count the Ryan Ave one in the NE, too far away) is here! A lane of traffic has been removed from Chestnut Street, bring auto lanes from 3 down to 2 between 45th St and 34th St, which will lower overall speeds of cars which makes everyone safer. This is a major accomplishment by everyone who has been lobbying for it all this time. Hopefully the momentum will continue and we will see a robust and complete protected bicycle network emerge in Philadelphia.

    Those of you who like this, it is very important that you call Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell at (215) 686-3418 and tell her that you are thankful for the protected bike lane installation and that you want it to be permanent! It only takes a second and these phone calls go a long way!

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    (emphasis added)

    And people wonder why folks in the Northeast express resentment at the rest of the city.

    Sorry, it doesn't matter how "far away" it is, if it's in the city, it's in the city.

    And it's a shame that the Ryan Avenue lane didn't get the attention this one has gotten - probably related to that sort of thinking.
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    Ding! Ding! Ding!
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