People want to live in Prewar boroughs and cities

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    As Philly's housing market forges ahead, suburban prices still limp along

    The author here wasn't quite able to connect the dots. Postwar development is tired and undesirable. Human scale villages, towns, and neighborhoods are skyrocketing in value. The market is speaking, loud and clear.

    Only Chester is bucking the trend. Even Camden has bottomed out and is on an upward trajectory. Township style tract development patterns are dead. It used to be that the townships in their school districts carried Conshohocken and Ambler. Now it's the reverse. We have arrived at the future. The nightmare mistake of a postwar era is finally over.

    This isn't city vs. suburb. It's prewar vs. postwar. Postwar sucks. And enough people have finally figured it out that it's dramatically moving the needle on values. The crazy thing is that we're closer to the beginning of this trend than at the end of it. If you want to see the future for Philly, travel the world to other world cities. We're evolving in their direction. The poor generally aren't anywhere close to the city center in most cities.
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