lead poisoning in infants

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    Hi. I'm looking for advice from parents whose children have tested positive for elevated lead levels. My daughter recently tested positive (>10ug/dL, I think) and I'm trying to decide the best course of action. I understand the city has several programs available but these are fairly limited and have lengthy waiting periods. I've spoken with a company who will take samples of our dust around the house and evaluate where the lead is coming from. I also understand that X-Ray fluoresence (XRF) testing can be used to identify objects/regions with elevated lead levels. Finally, I know that there is potential the lead is coming from the water supply. Outside of the services provided by the city, all of the aforementioned services are quite expensive and not guarenteed to produce results. Moreover, I assume remediation will be even more expensive.

    I guess I'm just hoping some of you can tell me how you addressed your children's elevated lead levels in the hopes of coming up with the best course of action. I'm also curious how common of a problem this is and how long the remediation period took before your children's lead levels were undetectable...

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    This is why we erred on the side of safety and had the top foot of soil removed, replaced, and covered with sod before our child was allowed back there. Luckily, unless a house burns to the ground near us, there will be no new construction for blocks around.

    I feel for these parents. Our child had a lead level around 4.7 IIRC. The culprit was the cast iron tub in which the enamel was bonded to the iron with lead. The enamel was running thing in spots and contaminated the bath water. That shit is everywhere.
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