If you are a Wells Fargo customer - Fire them!

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    I had a Checking Account and a loyal customer of Wells Fargo for over a decade. Sometime in late 2015, I noticed a Savings Account was suddenly opened in my WF account (something I did not authorized). A small amount was transferred from my Checking to this "Savings Account". But on that same day, that amount was transferred back to my Checking and the Savings Account no longer existed. I contacted WF and I recalled they claimed there was a glitch due to their banking system constantly being hacked, and their IT Security Team are working tirelessly to fight, defend and fix these attacks. I was advised to secure my username and change my password. A fee for this new "Savings Acct" was also reimbursed. Well, if you did not know this already, WF was fined for creating fake accounts just to drive up their sales and businesses to achieve bonuses and sales goals.

    Wells Fargo uncovers up to 1.4 million more fake accounts
    "Many former employees reported that company sales goals were impossible to meet, and incentives for compensation and ongoing employment encouraged gaming the system. Wells Fargo pressured employees to cross-sell, offering customers with one type of product, such as checking or savings accounts, to also buy other types of products, such as credit cards and loans. One former employee described it as a “grind-house,” with co-workers “cracking under pressure.” Another former employee reported, “If you don’t meet your solutions you’re not a team player. If you’re bringing down the team then you will be fired and it will be on your permanent record.”

    I was livid since I was a victim of this abuse. I wanted to end my WF checking account when I first read this news but at the time I also had a mortgage account which I could not just close or move to a different lender.
    Today as a New Year Resolution, I am happy to say I sold my house (closed this past week) and paid back my mortgage loan. I immediately got my $ out of my checking and FIRED Wells Fargo! Good Riddnce!
    I really encourage everyone who is a customer of Wells Fargo to leave them asap!
    This bank is not to be trusted!

    In April 2018, Wells Fargo hit the news again. They were fined for mortgage and insurance abuse!
    Wells Fargo fined $1 billion for insurance and mortgage abuses
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