Greater Philly mall thread: The good, the bad, and the dead.

Discussion in 'The Suburbs' started by Nytecat, Mar 8, 2016.

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    The best solution to the Brooklyn Pizza issue would be for them to move into the Qdoba space which has, or could easily have, a separate entrance for operation outside of mall hours. Is TILT open after hours? I never took notice because I'm not there when the mall is closed.

    Yard House at PMM is a nice idea but unfortunately they already have a King of Prussia location. Could Dave and Busters go to Moorestown? I suppose its possible. But I wonder if D&B is starting to spread themselves too thin. Eater-tainment may be supplanting retail at malls, but it too has its limits. Moorestown just lost two sit down restaurants while PMM saw the departure of Uncle Julio's and Elevation Burger. To be fair, Uncle Julio was on the plaza side of the mall and most customers probably think all the sit down joints are on the restaurant side. I also suspect PREIT is charging too much in rent for restaurants.

    I can't read that latest article on Burlington Center as I've reached my article limit. Still, it irks me to no end that Virtua is about to pave over open space when the BCM site will soon be available.
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    The former Qdoba space at VTC does have it's own entrance. But, I like the restaurant boulevard better and there are about 3-4 vacant spaces at least currently. There is a former Yogurtland space that still remains vacant, and it's next to the Friendly's. (Yogurtland closed right before Friendly's opened, and I don't know if that was coincidence) I'd think there would be some good cross traffic (eat pizza, then ice-cream) and it'd be easier for luxury apartment dwellers to walk down and do a carry-out. But that's my $0.02 at the moment.

    I went today and the mall was just too quiet for a Saturday afternoon. I think the foodcourt's economics are no longer viable and the large space could be re-used. I was thinking about it again, and maybe the Camden County library could replace the entire food court and then some on the lower level. There is natural light from above which is kind of nice. I still also think Victoria Secret and Bath & Body Works would do better at the Eagle Plaza which is getting a facelift and it's just a move within Voorhees (so the township wouldn't lose). Payless also closed its Lindenwold Station location but kept the VTC site. But it's in bankruptcy and likely not a reliable tenant anyways. With these changes, it would hurt the remaining retail (Adventureland, for example) but the retail (outside of Boscovs) in the mall is pretty nonexistant.

    I went also to Moorestown Mall today and then the new Wal-Mart on 73. Wal-Mart for a long time was pushing to get into Mt. Laurel, even though Mt Laurel is more dominated by Wegmans, Target and Costco. Anyways, the Wal-Mart isn't all that large for all that fight. According to the Courier Post, it's 90,000 sq. ft.

    Walmart Now Has 6 Types Of Stores

    What I'm glad is the traffic pattern has changed in the 73/Fellowship Rd. intersection. If the timing was better (e.g. macy's had closed two years prior, that Wal-Mart could have gotten a much larger space at the Moorestown Mall and 38 facing and more accessible for majority of Mt Laurel and Moorestown). Wal-Mart probably settled for a smaller store than what it builds elsewhere.

    I think PREIT is likely charging high rent for the restaurants and pushing too much upscale in the mall area, as I guess they want to make use of their liquor licenses. In the mall, I saw advertising for a restaurant week event and they listed the restaurants in Cherry Hill Mall and Moorestown Mall together. Honestly, it was the first time that I saw PREIT advertise the two malls together in any fashion.

    But the more known restaurants around Moorestown Mall are probably the Don Pablo, Bertuccis and now Buffalo Wild Wings that surround the mall. It would be full circle if Friendly's returned to the Moorestown Mall. It used to operate there in the early 90's, before the partial mall fire. Then it moved to East Gate Sq. but it lost its lease when East Gate Sq. got a liquor license and made room for Buffalo Wild Wings. As far as entertainment around Moorestown Mall, I think there isn't that much. There is a Playdrome in Cherry Hill, but I think that's far enough and there is Funplex in Mt. Laurel. The latter targets younger kids. Speed Raceway is in Cinnaminson, in a former Acme space I believe. I've seen go Indoor Go Karting recently in a couple malls that I visited in western NY.
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