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    This is a store we've been waiting for with bated breathe. In 2014 Giant's parent corp, Ahold USA, opened Everything Fresh in Center City, at 1222 Walnut St (the former Stapler Fabrics store) as a testing ground for their new food store concept. Later it was announced that they would be opening in additional locations, including 2303 Bainbridge (Bloc 23 condos) and Abbotts's Square, under the new bFresh brand. They committed to a lease for the Bloc23 location in early 2017, but later that year pulled the concept (and closed Everything Fresh), while remaining committed to the lease at Bloc23, pending reformulation and/or rebranding of the concept. Which brings us to the hopefully final iteration, Giant Heirloom Market.

    Philly to get an experimental supermarket |

    Early 2017
    Two more central Philly Bfresh stores planned by parent of Giant markets

    Late 2017
    Supermarket chain said to be dropping small Bfresh stores planned for Philly

    Amusingly, a streetview of the Walnut St store from last November shows they still had only a temporary "Now Open" banner sign above the store, while a "Store Closing" sandwich board sign appeared below on the sidewalk.

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