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    When are you moving? Spring 2017
    Where are you coming from? Coastal Georgia
    Why are you moving? New Job
    Where will you be working? Crescenz Veterans Affairs Medical Center
    Have you been here yet? Came for a conference back in 2012

    Will you buy or rent? Rent
    If buying, are you looking for a house or a condo? N/A How much can you spend? N/A
    If renting, are you looking for an apartment, a townhouse or loft? Townhouse How much can you spend? 1700
    Do you prefer hi-rise or walk up? walk up

    Are you married or single? Single Do you have children? 2 Children
    Do you prefer public or private schools? Public
    Do you have pets? No
    Do you want or need a yard? no
    Are you keeping a car? Yes
    Do you prefer bustling activity or calm and quiet? Not bustling

    What do you want to be closest to? Great public schools
    Work - yes
    Basic services (supermarket, drugstore, etc.) - yes
    Nightlife - not necessarily
    Train or subway stations - yes

    Do you want to live with people of a similar age, race, religion or sexual preference or do you prefer a diverse neighborhood? Diversity is important. But the most important thing is going to be feeling safe with my two little girls. Also having access to good schools and parking as I will be keeping my car.

    I prefer to live in a suburban area because that is what my kids are used to and I need them to be on board with this move. I'd like to use public transportation to work, so an area with easy access will be important.
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    I believe that VA Center is in West Philadelphia. There are lots of great places to live in West Philly. You don't say how old your kids are but if they are young, I'd look to be in the catchments areas of Penn Alexander or Powel Schools. Hopefully others on here can give you more specific advice. I know schools pretty well I'm not informed about specific blocks.
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    The best public schools outside of Philly are in Lower Merion Township (which is a suburb of Philly). It would be about 1/2 hour drive to work, or 1 hour by transit.

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