Extending the Statute Of Limitations For Civil Liability Against PA Catholic Diocese Is Unjust!

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    One thing that is escaping all this public discussion about extending the statute of limitations for civil lawsuits against Catholic Diocese for sexual assault cases by members of their clergy which is that this puts all the fault and culpability for these wrongful acts on the Catholic Diocese authority where a lot of the blame should be spread on past District Attorneys throughout Pennsylvania and past Pennsylvania Attorney Generals. It is a fact that through the past decades District Attorneys have brought sexual assault cases against Catholic priest for sexual abuse of children; therefore, they were on notice that this was a problem in a group of unmarried religious ministers that make up the group of Catholic clergy. Past District Attorneys and past Attorney Generals are culpable in this problem, are partially at fault for the crimes that occurred to these children, because they did not go to the respective diocese and insist they have procedures to gather reports of allegations of this criminal behavior, investigate to determine if the allegations were credible and permanently remove the predator priest who common decency would conclude they never again could be trusted with the care of children. These law enforcement authorities failed to do their duty over the decades that is why the people of Pennsylvania find themselves in the place they do today.

    It is unfair to open up the civil liability to Catholic authorities in Catholic Diocese across the state because it is the rank and file members of the Catholic religion across Pennsylvania that will be paying the bills of the hundreds of millions of dollars of civil judgment that this laws extension will bring. These Catholics in the pews didn't do anything wrong they are just ordinary people trying to raise their families, live their lives in a good manner and practice their religious faith. These ordinary Catholics will be paying these civil judgments with the closing of Catholic parishes, Catholic schools and reduction of tuition grants for children to get a good education at Catholic schools. The injustice here against many of these innocent ordinary Catholics will be profound because when you close a Catholic parish it is like destroying a family in many instances the people of the parish make up a family and when the parish closes the family no longer ceases to be and the structure of love and support no longer ceases to be. If all you supposed do gooders behind this initiative to extend the statute of limitations want to be truly just and fair require the law to make the local municipality where the diocese was located liable for half the civil judgments that occur from this extension this would be fair because this would account for local past District Attorneys and past Attorney Generals culpability in these matters. It is sickening all the political opportunistic exploitation that is going on here; the current PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro who has been an engine behind this current movement to extend the limitations may think this issue will carry him to be the next Governor of Pennsylvania or the next Senator of Pennsylvania but I doubt it PA voters will see the terrible fallout from this law change and deem this guy isn't the caliber to hold these jobs. I am not saying that financially these victims shouldn't be helped for many of these victims their lives were derailed by these crimes where they were put on paths of involvement with drug and alcohol abuse etc.; Catholic authorities and civil authorities whether it is through pensions for these victims or the financial initiatives already publicly disclosed should insure these people receive the financial assistance so they will have a decent standard of living.
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    I can empathize with much of what you bring up in terms of law enforcement dropping the ball and the rank and file being the ones to foot the bill for the sins of leadership. However, at what point does the rank and file start to hold that same leadership accountable in the absence of law enforcement? I'm certainly not omniscient, but I haven't seen it.

    In fact, the appearance is that the rank and file are turning a blind eye, which encourages the continued cover-up of these crimes. Hence the rank and file are indirectly culpable and thus share part of the blame. Thus should share in the repercussions.

    Now, one could reasonably argue...as it seems you are...that the cure here would be more toxic than the disease. If however, you are believer in the unerring rights of individuals, then the opposite is true. I tend to follow the latter school of thought, but am open to other perspectives.
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