Ex-Wildwood mayor, who was a cop, says police department has a 'violent' culture

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    Ex-Wildwood mayor, who was a cop, says police department has a 'violent' culture

    the abuse of the badge by a rookie : control and power (or sexually depressed)..

    Former Wildwood Mayor Gary DeMarzo was not surprised at the actions of town police officers who hit a woman during an arrest on the beach Memorial Day weekend.

    He says the police department has a history of violence.

    DeMarzo, a former Wildwood police officer himself, reached out to NJ Advance Media with claims that the incident involving 20-year-old Emily Weinman was not isolated, citing excessive force cases of the past including one allegedly involving current Chief Robert Regalbuto.

    "When people ask me what the culture of the department is like and is it fair, I look to the administration and who these men are. I worked with these men and they're not honest men," DeMarzo said.


    Woman in Wildwood beach arrest video is 'prisoner in her home'

    DeMarzo is currently involved in a lawsuit against former Cape May County prosecutor Robert Taylor for malicious prosecution, stemming from a 2013 case in which DeMarzo was indicted on charges of misusing funds.

    All three charges were dismissed, and DeMarzo claims he was indicted in an attempt to silence him after he subpoenaed tapes that allegedly show physical abuse of an inmate by Chief Regalbuto, who was a police captain at the time.

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