Crime near Girard and 2nd at night

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    So my wife works up at the 900 block of N 2nd st. Roughly 3-4 months without issue but tonight she gets shadowed by a creeper while waiting for a bus and he tries to snatch her phone and bag. her employer closes up late, 830+ PM.

    for those in the area, whats the recommended protocol to get home at that hour? she was taking the 47 to avoid a transfer and getting home later, I assume from gmaps it was likely on brown or poplar. I must have been close the 900 block but westward...8/7th st (couldnt play detective to get all the details) to get the 47. she recognized it and got someone on the phone with her before hand, screamed about the cops etc. it was desolate, the creeper bailed when he couldnt pry a bag or phone away.

    I can't pick her up every day nor most days(if at all) so would be greatly appreciated if locals could provide insight. I have a mind to lurk in the areas late to observe people traffic patterns myself....I was initiatilly thinking girard would be best with many lanes and the acme market but after looking at a map I realized spring garden is an option too. Ive always advocated brightly lit streets, high car/people traffic areas for her when she has to navigate sketchy areas but I just dont know the area well enough.

    Is there nightlife near 7th and spring or girard? Can you catch the 47 going south on Spring? Is it best to just huck over to the EL at that time and get to center city?

    input much appreciated, thanks in advance. her friends who live/experience sketchy areas seem to think its a holiday thing where robberies pick up this time of year. even still there must be less vulnerable areas in a gentrifying neighborhood. Im looking into legalities/liabilities of pepper spray in philly.

    edited: Im used to sketchy areas myself, lived them most of my life but its different with family that has not been so exposed to it.
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    If it were my wife I'd recommend the el personally. I'm sorry to hear about the creeper. It really sucks that ladies have to deal with this sort of shit more than guys do.
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    The El is much safer than 7th and Spring Garden. That small ugly shopping center on the entire 500 block of Spring Garden has had numerous stores robbed at gun point numerous times.
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    Your wife has several transportation options to get home. I assume you live in south philly, based on her taking the 47 and also your screename.

    If that's the case, I would recommend her taking the El (blue line) to 8th st, then catch the 47 southbound at 8th and market.

    Alternatively, she can catch the 57 which also runs south bound but I believe on 4th.

    Lastly, Uber pool is not a bad idea. Usually can get rides from northern liberties to south philly for $5 or less.

    Good luck.
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    Are the 5 or 57 buses options? You might have to transfer but doing so in Center City might be preferable

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