City Worker Framed South Philly Woman for Recycling Violation

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fiveomar, Feb 3, 2018.

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    This sort of thing has always amazed me. No, not that city workers would frame people to make their quotas on tickets (that's how you get promoted, after all). What amazes me is how easy it is for regular items to "find their way" into the recycling, resulting in a fine for the owner.

    What would stop someone walking down the street from seeing a non recyclable item on the ground, picking it up and putting it in YOUR recycling can, resulting in a fine for YOU? What are you supposed to do? Guard the can until they come around to pick it up?

    What's next: Locking recycling cans and trash containers that you must purchase from the city or get taxed for the city to provide?

    I'm all for recycling, but this system is totally screwed up. I can't tell you how many times the recycling crews have missed picking mine up because they only look for blue bins and not cans clearly marked "RECYCLING" on all sides and the top. Or how many times they just pick everything up in one truck (gasp...I'm not allowed to mix regular items with recyclables. take special care to separate them, only to have THEM dump them together?).

    And before you say "you should call 311 and report all that:" Been there. Done that. Many, many, MANY times. IT. DOES. ABSOLUTELY. NOTHING. It goes like this:

    311 forwards it to the Streets Department. Streets department "investigates." Followed by "Streets department inspected the location and did not see the item or issue." "Streets Department has closed the issue." Have a nice day. Rinse. Repeat.
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    I'm meticulous with my recycling, using a city-issued bin and packing it with all my legit recyclables and nothing that isn't permitted. As often as not, an unknown neighbor will top off my bin with non-recyclables, such as styrofoam, greasy pizza boxes and stuff in plastic bags. So far I haven't been ticketed for that, knock on wood. I did get ticketed once last year, due to the city skipping my bin on a Monday (and several others on my block). I left the bin out and opened a 311 ticket to have them come back for it. They closed the ticket, claiming they didn't find my bin. I opened another 311 ticket. Finally they collected it on Friday – an hour after the SWEEP enforcer wrote a ticket for having it out on the wrong day. :(
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    I've also had to pull non-recyclables from my blue cans. Definitely not placed there by me because I'm pretty anal. I had a conversation about the tickets with someone from the Street Department. According to this man (whom I observed writing a ticket for a neighbor), he is far more likely to give a ticket when he sees recyclable materials in the regular trash. He is especially alert to houses that have no blue bins out with their trash. He said that's a red flag that leads him to look into their regular cans where he, naturally, finds cans, bottles, etc. And these are way down in the cans, not right on top. That makes more sense than targeting non recyclable stuff on top of blue cans.
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    Someone once inexplicably stuffed a bunch of regular garbage in my bin. I noticed it when I got home from work that morning. Amongst the detritus was unopened junk mail with an address. I grabbed a pair of gloves and bagged it all up in a regular Hefty Cinch Sak and left it on their step.

    One thing that is causing fits of rage citywide is the throwing of dogshit bags into your neighbor's recycling bin.

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