Bought a house with a basement full of junk

Discussion in 'Philadelphia Real Estate' started by phillip4321, Jul 29, 2018.

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    A friend of mine and her husband just bought a house in University City about 2 months ago.
    Big Victoria style house in a great neighborhood - walking distance to Drexel and Univ of Penn.

    I went to visit to see their new house the other day.
    It was very nice and decorated nicely.
    Until I went down to peek at their basement.
    It was a dark but large and unfinished basement.
    But what caught my attention, dominating most of the basement was JUNK (somewhat neatly stacked from floor to ceiling). I could not quite describe it but all I can see is Junk!
    My first question was - is this your stuff that you moved in with?
    The husband answered .... "No, the previous owner left it".
    I was stunned. In respectful words, I paraphrased: "Why would you agree to purchase this house with this monstrosity?"
    His answer, his wife felt there may be a diamond in the rough and so they agree to purchase as-is.
    Keep in mind, this was not a topic of negotiation to lower the price for this couple to be the new owners of this basement pile of stuff. They actually saw this as a "bonus".

    Can someone help me understand that this is considered normal or acceptable?
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    Depends on what kind of "junk" it is- could be some antiques in there that can be used throughout the home, things that can be sold on ebay/craigslist, etc. The remainder can easily be discarded.
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