Advice for Challenging Developer at ZBA Hearing

Discussion in 'Philadelphia Real Estate' started by peetah, Apr 14, 2016.

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    A developer snapped up a small 540 sq ft parcel of land on my small block. An orange zoning appeal appeared this week so being the nosy gadfly I am dug into it a bit.

    The developer is looking to put a 4 story (+basement) 3 unit building on this tiny land - and seeking a height and open-space variance. A bit overzealous in my opinion (considering there are only nine other two & three story homes on the block that's a 30% increase in housing stock - and it'll be the tallest building by far).

    Somehow this variance got rubber-stamped by the local RCO. So I'm thinking of trying to go to the hearing and talk some sense into the ZBA and have them deny the variance request. (I'm all for someone developing this vacant land...just not as a four story, multi-unit monstrosity)

    Looking for advice, has anyone actually gone to a ZBA hearing in opposition to a project?

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