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    My name is Jess. My husband and I own Falls Taproom. We are well aware that we are facing some issues as a business right now. We have had to take some focus off of Taproom to pursue addition restaurant endeavors. While taking focus off of Taproom, we thought we put a staff in place that could maintain the quality and integrity of the vision we have always had for Taproom. We were wrong, and we waited too long to take action.

    It's heartbreaking, frustrating and downright embarrassing to read the feedback from the community right now. We have decided to take time away from our other establishments to focus on Taproom and get it back to the state it was a couple years ago. We are asking for help from the community in identifying specific problems. The more specific the better. Anything in regards to service, food quality, ambiance would be very much appreciated. We love East Falls, we love the clientele of the neighborhood. Falls Taproom was our first restaurant and we are not going to give up on it. We look forward tor restoring the integrity and quality that Falls Taproom once had. Please feel free to email me personally at JMellen219@yahoo.com with questions, concerns and feedback as I may not be able to check this thread throughout the day. Thank you!
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    It's been awhile since we've tried the Taproom. But we'll be back soon.

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