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    Default 30th St Stn needs bike racks, not planters

    Got this announcement in my email the other day:
    Construction Fence Modules Coming to 30th Street Station | University City District

    30th St. needs MORE BIKE RACKS, not planters. If the bikes are already 3-to-a-rack when it's cold outside, I can't imagine what it will be like when warmer temperatures arrive.

    And yes, I posted a comment on the site politely requesting racks, and it mysteriously disappeared. I've also communicated about this with UCD in the past, to no avail. Anybody know how to get more bike parking there? I'm sure the redesign will have some, but temporary spots would be helpful in the interim.


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    i think theyre planning on adding some when its done. this project was driven by the condition of the substructure. id like to see lt bike parking underground.
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    Default 10 months...

    ... is how long the article implies the construction will take, right through high biking season. Perhaps the "custom-designed, reusable, modular planter walls filled with lush plantings, transforming a bleak construction fence into a spectacular surrounding" can have some large u-shaped pipes attached to them.




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