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    How do I post a picture?

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    If the picture is on the web and of the size that you want it to be: right-click on the image, choose "Copy image URL," and skip to step 3a.

    If the picture is on your computer:

    1a. Go to an image-hosting site (Imgur, Postimage, and Tinypic are the most popular)

    1b. Follow their instructions to upload your picture file from your computer.

    1c. Once the image is uploaded, right-click on it and choose "Copy image URL." You well now have the image's unique web address on your computer's clipboard.

    If the picture is of the size that you want it, skip to step 3a.

    2a. Go to an image-resizing site (Picresize is the best one).

    2b. Follow their instructions to upload your picture file from your computer and to change its size.

    2c. Once the image is resized correctly, right-click on it and choose "Copy image URL." Then go to step 1a. and follow the instructions for uploading a photo but, but instead of uploading it "From Computer," you will choose "From the Web" and simply paste the URL you already have on your computer's clipboard.

    You can proceed if the URL for the right photo, at the right size, is on your computer's clipboard.

    3a. While you're in a new comment window on Philadelphia Speaks, choose "Go Advanced" from the options just under the window.

    3b. Make sure your cursor is right where you want the photo to be.

    3c. From the "Advanced" tools now above your text window, choose the icon that looks like a snapshot of a little tree.

    3d. A dialogue box that says "Insert image" will pop up. Paste the URL you have in your clipboard here. The image should then appear once you've submitted the post.

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    Wow that's a mouthful OT, especially delving into resizing which the op didn't request but it's all good if not dated what with the available open source (free) apps for uploading images and text to save or share.

    Curious if anyone tried ZUploader which I'm considering downloading.




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