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    Default Guess who is back and blasting neighborhoods

    (215) 2o9-99/77 (de-googlefying the number) - Sign Report - (215) 209-9977

    It's Al again. He hit Port Richmond really hard over the past couple of weeks. The unusual warm weather has also culminated in 3 different Junk Car Guys hitting up 19125 pretty bad.

    We've got most of the junk car guys signs down and over 100 of Al's signs have been ripped off the poles over in 19134.

    I'm hoping for a severe arctic blast with high winds---usually nobody puts up signs in the dead of winter. But this warm weather from last week got them circulating new signs again.

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    Here's to hoping scumbag Al ends up getting caught in a freak blizzard followed by a sudden cold snap and ends up like this:




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