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    Default Riders on the storm

    Is there something about rain or snow that makes people lose any trace of good sense on the highways?

    I had to drive home from South Jersey on 12-26 during that driving rain storm and saw at least a dozen people gunning it up the AC expressway and on 95.

    That's a truly stupid thing to do during any kind of storm, but during that driving rain, it was remarkably idiotic.

    I didn't feel all that brilliant being out on the highway in that weather, but my choice was to stay in Wildwood with my relatives, so I was motivated to go home. I took it easy and it really only took a few minutes more than usual to make the trip.

    I don't see the point of risking your life by speeding on a wet road just so you can shave a few minutes off a car trip.

    Similarly, during Saturday's wet snowfall, in a 15-minute (usually 5-minute) trip, I saw three people spin out because they were going too fast.

    Anybody else have similar experiences driving Wednesday night or Saturday afternoon?

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    Default Well, we all know that

    Into this life we're born, into this world we're thrown.

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    I am always surprised to see how people behave on the road. Some people do not value their lives or the lives of anyone else.

    Around the holidays people drink more and that makes it even worse.

    What also really bothers me is when you are stuck behind a car that is keeping pace with a big truck on its side, and no one is in front of them in either lane. The car won't speed up a bit or change lanes to let anyone pass. It's like only their world exists.




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