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    Default New Years at Sugarhouse? Multiple Robberies go unsolved

    Happy 13

    Happy New Years
    13 is bad luck
    I am a pissed off Old Dinosaur.

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    there are multiple burglaries in Rhawnhurst as well. Should we avoid you neighborhood as well?

    People get robbed in NYC, AC, Vegas. Just a thought.

    10/19/2012TheftEastwood St and Strahle St
    10/19/2012TheftCastor Ave and Shelmire Ave
    10/21/2012BurglaryBergen St and Loretto Ave
    10/21/2012BurglaryPennypack Circle and Solly Ave
    10/21/2012Sexual AssaultCalvert St and Faunce St
    10/21/2012BurglaryCastor Ave and Solly Ave
    10/22/2012AssaultCalvert St and Faunce St
    10/23/2012Breaking & EnteringLoney St and Loretto Ave
    10/23/2012TheftLeonard St and Loney St
    10/23/2012TheftBustleton Ave and Cottman Ave
    10/23/2012TheftFaunce St and Horrocks St
    10/23/2012BurglaryBorbeck Ave and Loretto Ave
    10/23/2012TheftFaunce St and Horrocks St
    10/24/2012BurglaryLeonard St and Rhawn St
    10/24/2012TheftHorrocks St and Vista St
    I'm not seeing all these supposed bikes in all these million dollar bike lanes.




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