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    Default Common Grounds - Germantown gets another coffee shop

    So Common Grounds at Wayne and Washington has converted from being an "infrequent venue" of sorts to a full-time coffee shop. It was a pleasant surprise to see that we now have two real coffee shops in Germantown.

    I'm sure someone is going to use this as a chance to jump all over the quality of their coffee, baked goods, decor, or some other factor, but I'm certainly liking that we are getting the kinds of businesses that we need. Does anyone have the backstory of Common Grounds? Does anyone frequent this place?

    A bar and restaurant is next on the wishlist, I believe...

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    I'm happy to see another coffee shop, too. I went there hoping for the best. Truth be told, the place smelled strong of automotive spray paint. The front door is a shared entryway for the Auto paint shop next door and the fumes are strong in the coffee shop. It's kind of hilarious...I asked the nice girl behind the counter if she smells it and she sort of cringed a little and said, "yeah, but you get used to it..." So, if you're like me and enjoy huffing paint I highly recommend it!




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