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    Default Egypt , americans banned from leaving

    It's getting out of hand over there, somehow I feel that when Mubarak was in charge it was calmer ?? Unrest allover the world..

    Egypt: Americans Banned From Leaving, Including Sam LaHood

    2 Americans kidnapped in Egypt, officials say - CBS News

    CAIRO Egypt banned at least 10 Americans and Europeans from leaving the country, including the son of U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood, hiking tensions with Washington over a campaign by Egypt's military against groups promoting democracy and human rights.

    The United States warned Thursday that the campaign raised concerns about Egypt's transition to democracy and could jeopardize American aid that Egypt's battered economy needs badly after a year of unrest.

    The travel ban was part of an Egyptian criminal investigation into foreign-funded democracy organizations after soldiers raided the offices of 10 such groups last month, including those of two American groups.

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    Default Egypt > Yugoslavia > Egypt

    To point to an analoby, when Tito's dictatorship over Yugoslavia ended, recall all the chaos from the newly independent country-states, especially the ethnic cleansing.




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