North Philadelphia which was referred to in the early part of this article as New Philadelphia is by far the largest and most beautiful section of Penn's city but it is for the most part of very recent date and it has I believe no history

I can describe it generally no better than to say that it is like Chicago on a very small scale with the important advantage that it is much cleaner. The men who have made money in North Philadelphia have for the most part preferred to there live out their lives and have with few exceptions shown a desire to be accounted members of the society of old Philadelphia They have built beautiful homes and great blocks of massive business houses They have gone away from tlieir own town and brought back all those things which give a home individuality and beauty

There may be much that is showy and ostentatious in this new town but its display is not of tinsel In their homes as in their offices and places of amusement they have spent money with a lavish hand and they have done it wisely

North Broad Street has its own society and its own amusements Theatrical companies move from the theatres of old Philadelphia to those of the new town with the knowledge that they will play to as different a community as if they had taken a railway journey of many hours And yet the theatres may not be ten blocks apart It is simply because they are on the opposite sides of that great dividing line Market Street

Still further north of this modern city lies Kensington, the paradise of small houses where every laboring man is a landed proprietor and every woman the mistress of her own house There are miles and miles of these little brick homes encircling the old town on all sides with their white facings and marble steps Here is the first cause of the prosperity the vast magnitude and above all the health and happiness of this great manufacturing city in which the skilled laborer with small pay must necessarily play so important a part Here also is to be found the inspiration for that name which so aptly tells the secret of the Philadelphi an's love for his Philadelphia The City of Homes

-Harper's, 1894

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