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    Default Philadelphia noise ordinance?

    I received this email from a SEPTA Watch reader. I can't find any info, can someone confirm or deny?

    In the early 80's I was riding the R5 out from Phila to Fort Washington, and I was sitting across from one of the old timer Septa guys. We hit the zone just out of the city and the train sped up, so I had to ask - why? what is special about this spot and why can't the train just go fast the whole way? He told me that there was a city ordinance that kept the trains speed limited to keep down the noise. It sounded plausible, but since then a lot has changed, New trains, new rails, but apparently the same speed limit. Is there really a city speed limit?

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    Default similarly, on the Media/Elwyn line ...

    Rose Valley has an agreement that keeps SEPTA from sounding its horns as the regional rail trains roll in and out of their station.

    ... or at least they did a decade ago, when I lived there and the long-time residents told me as much.

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    I believe it is a safety thing then a noise thing, from what I read over the years.




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