Exclusive: Two aircraft carriers returning to Navy Yard | Plan Philly: Engaging in Urban Dialogue

By Thomas J. Walsh
For PlanPhilly

Two aircraft carriers familiar to hundreds of former Philadelphia U.S. Naval Shipyard workers will be returning to the Delaware River this year, according to John Grady, senior vice president of real estate services for the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corp.

The PIDC is the quasi-public entity charged with turning around the former Navy base in South Philadelphia.

The USS Forrestal (CV-59) and the USS Saratoga (CV-60) will be joining the USS John F. Kennedy (CV-67) as part of the Navy Yard’s “Naval Inactive Ship Maintenance Facility,” though their futures are far from certain.

"They’ll be mothballed right next to the JFK, right there on the river in front of Urban Outfitters’ building,” Grady said. “The JFK was the last ship that was overhauled in the Navy Yard.”


It's really a shame that they aren't in a known public area.

Yeah you can drive down there without being stopped but it's not easy to find.