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    Default Philadelphia crime info - all stats available!

    These are the top resources for those worried about crime and where it is happening.

    Crime summary for greater CC (per 1,000 people) Data taken from Crimebase and compiled by a phillyblog member:

    Google Docs - phillycrimeb

    0. Phila Police Dept Crime Lookup (by adddress!)
    Search Crime

    1. UPENN Crimebase
    Philadelphia CrimeBase

    2. NBC10 2007 Murder Map (great interface)
    Safer City Map - Local News Story - WCAU | Philadelphia

    3. Inquirer shooting map 2006: The Philadelphia Inquirer

    4. Inquirer shooting map 2007: The Philadelphia Inquirer

    5. Inquirer murder map
    2006:The Philadelphia Inquirer

    6. Inquirer murder map 2007:The Philadelphia Inquirer

    7. Public school crime data

    8. Charter school crime data

    9. Stats from the PPD
    Philadelphia Police Department :: Crime Statistics

    10. Official stats from the State Police
    Pennsylvania Uniform Crime Reporting System

    11. Limited (but very focused) data here. Hopefully they will get running again. -- loading

    If there are any other resources online with data, please share.

    neighborhood definitions:

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    i assume there are going to be shootings every day when i go to in the morning ...if there aren't..i just assume they haven't found the bodies yet




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