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    Default Quinones-Sanchez not getting along with Norris Square Civic Association?

    Quinones-Sanchez wants homes, not rentals, in N. Philly

    I don't know this area enough to know what this means. It seems odd, though, with St. Bonny's just demolished. That made me sick. If the councilwoman wants to stop this kind of travesty, why not just stop the money flow? The private marked would never support this lunacy - without government financing DeCarlo would be a bum in the park.

    It seems like Councilwoman Sanchez feels that NSCA is a real estate developer cloaked in a neighborhood group's clothes, and that it does not represent the wishes or interests of the community. It seems like the councilwoman is going to war against the NSCA. I've never been impressed with the NSCA other than to have the impression that it is a malevolent group, so the councilwoman wins points in my book for this move that she's boldly undertaken.
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    one would hope shed take on a tyrant like decarlo who is trying to create her own little government funded fiefdom.
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    It is my understanding that DiCarlo is approaching retirement and the next generation at NSCA will be very different.

    Not sure what to make of Sanchez's bill. Seems a little arrogant and self-serving, considering she lives on Hancock St. across from
    the project site.

    Sanchez came in as a reformer but she just got re-elected by a wide margin. Reformers can evolve into council insiders over time.

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    I didn't read the article, but I remain impressed with Sanchez's legislative record. She has for the most part, voted on the right side of the issues, and along with Green, has flexed some impressively intellectual legislative muscle so far, especially on the business tax issue. I think she "gets" it and understands where Philadelphia needs to go. She also has done an excellent job of framing the discussion about gentrification in many of Philadelphia's neighborhoods from one of us-versus-them to one of we're all in this together and we need middle and upper middle class tax payers to pay for the services needed by our poor. I might even be more impressed by her than I am with Green, who I don't totally trust because he's always mired in the Doc/Brady political game. I'm sure she is as well, but it doesn't appear as obvious, to be frank. It feels like she is more honestly representing her intuitions and beliefs than is Green, who seems more calculated, though overall, I'm happy with him as well.




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