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    Oh and one more for the wishlist.

    A Soil/sewage Non-Return Valve. Now I know they aren't legal in Philadelphia, but heres the thing, I don't care.

    Every time I had to have a discussion with some knuckle dragger about throwing plastic bags of dog poop into the storm drains my mind would return to my decision to not put in a No Return Valve.

    Something to consider.

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    It took me almost nine years to reno my house and I am still going. My wife was my girlfriend at the time. My son was in 2nd grade and now a senior in HS. I was getting really frustrated at times, like when we didn't have a bathroom for two months, using a bucket and showering at friends every single night really wore you out.

    We just kept going, pursing our end goals. We still have basement and outside to work on now, some small inside details, but love what we've done so far. Almost 90% of work was done by us, with no prior experience, we took our time and figured it out.

    We brought home 2x12x12's, whirlpool bathtub, and more on top of my Jetta and rented u haul trucks to take debris to Burns on Rising Sun ave. It's been crazy, exciting, depressing, fun, boring, but most of all - rewarding. I did it.

    I would love to take what I know now and redo the entire thing, but I don't want a divorce.

    Have fun.

    Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich. ~ Napoleon




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